Outdoor chair Victory
Chair Victory - Dirty White  55.68

Banquet chairs Harry – metal

Harry’s banquet metal chairs are strong and sustainable, however, they remain elegant.
The frame is protected with a smooth powder paint and painted in sandy color.
The seat is made of comfortable polyurethane foam, which retains the shape of the seat even over time and does not crumble into itself.
Floor plugs protect the floor from scratches.
The chair is obtained in three colors:
– black – Harry -B, article code 0100-MX (black and gray frame, seat and backrest: black with yellow dots)
– red Harry -R, item code 0102-MX (black and grey frame, seat and backrest: red with yellow dots)
– blue Harry -N, item code 0101-MX (black and grey frame, seat and backrest: blue with yellow dots)
3 year warranty.
The REMODEX certificate of durability provides up to 163 kg of load.
Height: 89.5cm
seat height: 47 cm
seat depth: 40 cm
seat width: 39 cm
chair weight: 6 kg
profile width: 19 mm
profile thickness: 1.0 mm
loading: not more than 19 chairs
frame: metal

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