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Catering table Planet 160 ZOWN

Planet Ø 160 cm round tables, Zown Maxchief, for catering and banquets, intended for both outdoor and indoor use, public certificates issued: EN 15372, ENV 12521 and EN 1730. The table top is made of durable non-recycled plastic, the table base is metal and completely foldable under the table top. For the transport of tables, we offer transport trolleys on which you can load up to 15 round tables Planet Ø 160. Tables are distinguished by high load capacity: up to 315 kg, low weight: 24.30 kg and durability!
To see the official – technical description of the table: click here. For the official page for this product click here, to watch a video about Planet 160 tables click here.
Other dimensions of Planet round tables:
PLANET 120: Ø 122 cm
PLANET 150: Ø 152 cm
PLANET 180: Ø 180 cm.
Planet round tables are 74 cm high, the number of seats around the tables: 6 people – Ø 122 cm, 8 people – Ø 152 cm, 8 people – Ø 160 cm and 10 people – Ø 180 cm.
In addition to Planet tables, we recommend folding chairs Norman, Brad and banquet chairs. We offer tablecloths for Planet tables: classic – flat tablecloths, stretch – elastic tablecloths and pleated tablecloths and napkins! Planet tables can be expanded up to 333 cm in diameter with additional XL Moon elements, allowing 12 to 16 seats.
Catering tables and chairs can be found here.
Catalog of textile products can be found here.
To watch a short video of the endurance of the fake table and the original Planet table, click here. We draw your attention to the fake Zown Maxchief products that appeared in Slovenia. You can see the difference between fake and original Zown Maxchief products in the showroom or in the video here.
All original Zown Maxchief products have a stamped sign on each table top: zown contract design factory, photo here.
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