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Glued oak table tops

We offer length and width glued table tops made of solid oak wood.
Wooden oak boards can be impregnated – oiled with Helios oil for wood – Bio Impregnol; the thickness of the table plates is 4 cm. or 3 cm, dimensions: 65 x 80 cm., 80 x 80 cm, 70 x 70 cm and 120 x 80 cm. Other dimensions are made to order in different qualities: A, B and C.
For gluing, top D 4 glue is used.
Table tops made of solid oak are suitable for indoor use and for covered summer gardens.
Possibility of use: for table tops, for furniture production, for shelves, for cabinets, for staircases, etc.
For the offer of glued table tops made of oak, please contact us.

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