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Mensa 650W, with motion sensor

Mensa Heating 650W Professional, with motion sensor – the table is an environment-friendly heating table specially developed for catering places, restaurants and hotels.
Heating element – an infrared lamp is installed in the middle of the base, which ensures heating of the whole body – from the legs upwards. Vireoo in Latin means “I’m green,” which is no coincidence, because it is the best environment-friendly way of heating.
Not only does it consume extremely little energy, it also has a built-in motion sensor to ensure that the infrared light bulb – the heater, turns off when there is no one at the table.
Mensa Professional tables are also unique in that they allow them.
SAFE TOUCH, despite the operation of the heater, the base has a special mesh around the lamp that does not heat up!
Technical data:
Built-in IR motion sensor 3 min.
Material: aluminium, plastic, black
Colour: black, chrome protective mesh, which does not heat up!
ON/OFF switch on the base
Sensor against overheating of the system
Heating element: IR short-wave lamp, 650W
Lamp durability: 5000 – 7000 hours of operation
Adjustable legs (can be fixed in the ground)
Maximum power: 650 W
Connection: 230 V
Plug & Play (connect and use)
Protection class: IP44 – resistant to precipitation
Weight: 7 KG
Certificates: CE, EMC
Warranty: 12 months
Price without a table top
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Table base Vireo 650W PROFESSIONAL, with motion sensor.
Instructions for use here

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