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Square table XXL90 ZOWN

Zown XXL 90 square tables, for hospitality business, catering, banquets, seminars, etc. The square table has a folding and very strong table top and a table top made of non-recycled plastic (100% pure HDPE), which withstands a load of up to 205 kg. Tables are very light, durable and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
Dimensions of the table top 91.4 x 91.4 cm, table height 73.7 cm, table weight 10.5 kg. We offer transport trolleys, on which you can load up to 28 square tables XXL90.
The catalog of Zown banquet tables and chairs see here. The official website of the item is located here, the technical data sheet of the table see here.
Watch the video presentation of XXL 90 square tables here. If you are interested in renting Zown XXL 90 square tables for catering, click here.
We draw your attention to the fake Zown Maxchief products that appeared in Slovenia.
You can see the difference between fake and original Zown Maxchief products in the showroom or in the video here.
All original Zown Maxchief products have a stamped sign on each table top: zown contract design factory, photo here.

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