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TOPALIT table tops classic

Topalit table tops are made of crushed wood and PVC-particles mixed with artificial resin, on the upper side the table tops are coated with a PVC mass that is resistant to heat, water and moderate mechanical damage. Topalit table tops are the optimal choice for guest garden tables, as they are affordable and durable. Warning: for solar sites, bright patterns of table tops are suggested so that the sun’s rays do not overheat them and, consequently, bend them. In the event that the table tops bend due to the sun’s shade, they are straightened again at the time of the shade. In case you have a sunny position of the garden, let us know about it before buying and we will recommend the right ones – brighter patterns.
Catalogue Topalit 2019 here.
Available are Werzalit table plates in dimensions, prices are exclusive of 22% VAT, fi 60 cm (29.6€), 60 x 60 cm (38.64€), fi 70 cm (36.8€), 70 x 70 cm (51,20€), fi 80 cm (41,10€), 80 x 80 cm (59.50€), fi 90 cm (56,72€), 90 x 90 cm (€83.7), 120 x 80cm (€86.00), 140 x 80cm (€105.00) and 155 x 90 cm (€110.00).
The listed prices are without 22% VAT.
Other dimensions of table tops are also available.
Topalit table top thickness: from 16.5 mm to 18 mm (depending on the board dimension).
Catalog of dimensions of table tops Topalit, you can find here.
In the regular offer we have available the following samples of Topalit table:
Anthracite 74, Brushed silver 107, Bel Marble 70, Beech Light 19, Tik 09, Wenge atique 106, Versailles 131, Africa 14, Sahara 141, Kenya 206, Pinia 213, Maritimo Pine 216, Urban Spruce 217, Z-light 211, Jute 145, Grizzly 121, Filo 132 Grass light 137, Z-dark 212, Traviata 142, Vintage 218, Nevada0116, Concrete 0152, Newspaper 0151, Menu 9030, Coffecup 9031, Bamboo dark 0150, Oak antiq, 0054 Onyx, 0059 Trolleyhage Black, 0067 Granite, Noyer, Club line, Oak, Pinie, Woodstock, 0135 Tatami Brown, 0146 Zinc, 0147 Ever7 Glade, Cacao, White Linen, Seagrass Dark.
More than 100 samples of Topalit table plates are available, please contact us for a offer.
Logotops such as Exotica 615, Cappuccino 614 or the logo of your choice are also available.
Informative price table top Topalit, diameter 60 cm (right), classic line:
Check out the Topalit 2019 tabletop catalog, here.
Watch the video: HERE

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